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Being a Knight?

What makes a Knight a knight? Is it a piece of paper? Is it a Medal? What makes a Knight is what he believes inside. A conscious effort to be better today than yesterday. To put aside his personal desires, to live a life of giving and love. We must hold ourselves to a higher standard, to try to imitate Jesus, and be "His" face to all we meet daily. No one can make being a Knight mean something unless we place value in it ourselves. 

The ceremonies we go through are meant to remind us of the importance of what we do and who we are. The world needs more Knights who believe in what they are doing. To put the meaning into what a Knight is. It is in the hard things we do that defines us. As President Kennedy said. "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country". He was a Catholic man who will always be remembered as a doer. It was his dream that put men on the moon. It was his generation that helped build this country. It takes one man at a time, to stand up, and say today I am going to build a better world.

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