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Being a Knight?

What makes a Knight a knight? Is it a piece of paper? Is it a Medal? What makes a Knight is what he believes inside. A conscious effort to be better today than yesterday. To put aside his personal desires, to live a life of giving and love. We must hold ourselves to a higher standard, to try to imitate Jesus, and be "His" face to all we meet daily. No one can make being a Knight mean something unless we place value in it ourselves. 

The ceremonies we go through are meant to remind us of the importance of what we do and who we are. The world needs more Knights who believe in what they are doing. To put the meaning into what a Knight is. It is in the hard things we do that defines us. As President Kennedy said. "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country". He was a Catholic man who will always be remembered as a doer. It was his dream that put men on the moon. It was his generation that helped build this country. It takes one man at a time, to stand up, and say today I am going to build a better world.

Men's Reflection June23rd

This invitation is for any man wishing to seek a spiritual experience. They can be from St Denis, St Edward, or any man interested in coming! The reflection will begin with Mass at St Denis at 10:30 AM, then we will gather to go to a private home, or weather being inclement, have the event in Fr Lacy Hall. We will have a guest speaker, time for discussion, and some private reflection time. We will have lunch before the Speaker. The event will close at around 3:30 PM. All are welcome.

Member Elections coming!

Please come to Planning Meeting May 14th at 7:00 at St Denis Hall. We will be looking for people to suggest anyone they think would be a good representative for our Local council. 

Kerygma Prayer/Bible Study

I am offering something to give back to the Knights. We spend our time raising money for causes and helping others. Why not have something to fulfill us! I offer a bible study for those who want to explore their faith deeper. To those who never quite got the point from within the bible. Many of us use old bibles that no longer are clear in how we thing and speak. Others just need some help understanding some scripture. Remember the bible is the living Word of God, and sometimes we need to ask the Holy Spirit to guide our reading of the Scriptures. We also discuss our faith, experiences, and get spiritual direction here at the group. Come check us out!

Diaper Drive May 11th and 12th

The Knights of Columbus are hosting a Diaper drive May 11th and 12th. Please drop off New bags of Diapers of all types and sizes either in the church or in Fr Lacy Hall. We will distribute them locally and donate them to the big organizations that help women like in shelters and abuse cases. Please help women be the givers of life. They need to be given love and life so they can pass this on to their children.

Membership Drive End of April 27th and 28th

The Knights of Columbus are looking for a few good men. We are looking for some good young Catholic men to add value to our organization. We desire men of all ages to represent Catholic Men everywhere. Your membership gives you a voice to make the organization fun, interesting, and help people in the process. Talk with a knight at the end of Mass to find out more.

KOC Supports Worcester Men's Conference

Note that the Worcester Men's Conference is April 6th 2019. All men are invited to attend. Please consider this great resource.

Officer Installation 1/22/19

We will be meeting at St Denis Church January 22nd 2019 at 7:00 PM for an meeting installing officers to council 15972. Please come and support the knights.

Welcome to our new web site!

The Knights of Columbus of Ashburnham-Westminister have started this web site so people interested in joining can  see what we do. It is our goal to help the community and St Denis Parish in Ashburnham and St Edwards the Confessor in Westminster. Both are small rural churches and by combining we can server the community better. Join our council, we could sure use you help, you can choose how involved you choose to be. We are putting on a breakfast with the Easter bunny April 14th 2019. Brink your family and enjoy a good time while the donated funds go toward helping those in need.




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